365 Cancer Crusade

Bills on the left - Number 5255


Sometimes in our lives we just have to brag.  Our nephew Bill Frost is a pretty terrific young man.    Our family, unfortunately, like so many other families have been touched by cancer.   Bill decided he wanted to be part of the fight against cancer. Since he is a runner, he thought he would raise money through running.  So, he came up with  the 365 Cancer Crusade.   His crusade is sanctioned running, biathlon, and triathlon events within the 2010 calender year.  

The money he is raising is being donated through the Avon Foundation.  So far he has raised over $6,000.00!  Pretty impressive.  If you would like to follow his progress, or cheer him on, check out his website. 


Thanks Bill. 

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Of Cars and Cemeteries

This week-end we had a lovely couple (Dave and Rosemary) from Rhode Island staying with us.  They were here because Dave’s Miata sports car club decided to do week-end ride in Vermont.  Now, of course, this car is Dave’s baby.  For Rosemary, well let’s just say….it isn’t HER baby.  Normally, Dave goes on these rides by himself, but as Rosemary says “I do one ride a year”, so lucky for us she did this Woodstock/Vermont ride.

The group came up on Friday, arriving early afternoon.  The group didn’t have any organized dinner plans on Friday, so Dave and Rosemary went to Prince and the Pauper.  They had a lovely  meal.  The next morning after breakfast, they were off with the club for a day of driving.  They were gone most of the day.  Back home to the Canterbury House briefly, then out to dinner with the club at Firestones.  No chance to give the innkeepers an update on their day until breakfast this morning.

A fun day was had by all, never had to put the top up on the car for rain.  So,  they were really able to enjoy the sites.  They were telling us and our other guests about one interesting stop they made…It was the Hope Cemetery in Barre Vermont.Barre Vermont is the “Granite Capital of the World“.  Hope cemetery presents a distinguished history of memorial art in stone.  This cemetry has had a profound influence on the memorial art of other cemteries throughout the country.

What makes this cemetery unique, is the way that families have memorialized and honored loved ones.  For example, there is  a  personalized memorial in the form of a favorite chair of the person being memorialized.  There are others as unique as this, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise when YOU go to visit this cemetery.

Bob and I had heard previously about the Hope  Cemetery several times, but frankly, we quickly filed it away in the back of our brains.  Hearing Dave and Rosemary talk about it makes us want to go.  I see a trip to Barre Vermont in our very near future.

The thing that we love most about being innkeepers is that Canterbury House guests love to share their experiences with other guests and us.  Whether it is about places around the world they have been or frankly, right in our own backyard,  there are always new things to do and see.  As Dave and Rosemary made the Canterbury House there “home base” why don’t you?  You don’t have to have a car club to visit Hope Cemetery, or any other great location, just come for a visit.  Bob and I would love to help you plan your trip.

If you want more information on the Hope Cemetery, certainly you can call us or check out the following website….


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So, are you looking for something to do on the week-end of July 16th?  I have the absolute perfect idea for you…. Come to Woodstock and go to the concert at Suicide Six Ski area.  It is an outdoor concert under the beautiful Vermont stars.  There is a barbecue tent, so its dinner and a concert!

The featured performer for this concert is Jimmy Cliff, who was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of  Fame (March 2010). Jimmy Cliff is a legend of Jamaican reggae music and is, after Bob Marley, probably the best-known Jamaican musician of all time.  Known for his easy, pop-friendly reggae style and earnest voice, Jimmy Cliff has put his signature sound on numerous international hits.  Rising star Trevor Hall and electrifying live performers Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars join Jimmy Cliff for this summer’s ultimate reggae bash.

Doesn’t that sound like something you want to do?  Your room awaits, so give us a call and reserve your room for the week-end.  You can also book online using our secure reservation form.  What are you waiting for?

For more information on the concert and barbecue, here is the link to Pentangle Arts Council  site.


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Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Happy first day of summer!  Well, so far so good, the first day of summer in Woodstock is shaping up beautifully.  Highs in the low to mid eighties,  low humidity and spectacular sunshine.  It can’t be said enough, Vermont is beautiful in the summer, so what is stopping you from making plans to visit?

Long range forecasting calls for terrific weather and tons of fun.  Give us a call to book your room and let us help with making your plans for a great summer visit to the Canterbury House and Woodstock.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


PS  The patio furniture is out!

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Sues Mom’s Heirloom Iris
 I love this time of year.  Everything is green and lush.  Memories of loved ones we have lost are popping everywhere in the flower beds.  My  mothers’ Siberian iris were beautiful this year.  They started out in moms garden in my childhood home in New Jersey, to our home in Middletown NJ.  At that same time, my mother then dug a bunch for my dear friend Diane.  Diane, on her first visit to see us in Vermont ,  dug me a clump from her garden.  She explained that every year when the iris came up, she always thought of my mother who shared her delicate iris with her. Diane felt my mom had to come to Vermont too!   I am lucky to have a friend who thinks MY mother was special to her also.  This year like every prior year, Diane and I discuss how much we look forward to the iris blooming.   Our iris discussions have been going strong for close to twenty years and I am looking forward to at least another twenty!  


  The spearmint that I love to use in tea, fruit dishes, garnishing or anything I can think of, came from our sister-in-law (Bob’s brothers wife) Connie via her New Jersey garden.  She also brought it with her on one of her very first visits to us in Vermont.  She was happy to bring me a crop, since her yard was being invaded with the darn stuff!  It is now invading  various spots in my garden .  We sadly lost Connie this past May, so…. sorry folks, spearmint will be prominent at breakfast.  My little tribute to her.

Of course, last but not least, Bob’s grandfather’s orange tree comes out of the house.  We swear it stretches its branches towards the sun.  It is so happy for warm sunshine.  It even likes the rain.  (Saves me from dusting its leaves!)  Now, this isn’t just any orange tree….this tree is over 100 years old!  Yup, that’s  right,  over 100 years old.  Bob’s grandfather started it from a seed of an orange he had been eating.  During his teenage years, he got into bonsaiing and cut the tap root, so that it would not get too big.  When he passed away, Bob’s mother became the keeper of the tree for 20 or so years.  When Bob’s mother passed away in 1980, the tree took up residence with Bob.  Somehow, when we got married  I became the care giver.  (I don’t remember volunteering for the job)  This tree has moved with us everywhere we have gone.  Whenever we moved to a new house, the first requirement was….Is there a nice spot for the orange tree?  Now, Vermont, with its long, cold, not very sunny winters has been a challenge for our tree.   About 6 years ago, we brought it into the house at the end of September and by Thanksgiving it had 1 (yes, 1) leaf on it!  It stayed that way until February when it started to set new leaves and orange  blossoms.  We determined that it was root bound, so we took a sharp knife to its roots and gave it new soil and put it back into its pot.  I guess it liked “going under the knife”, because it is still growing strong.  Now, that it is outside, it will start to sprout an abundance of new leaves and many of the blossoms will set and the oranges will slowly start to grow.  They will stay green  long after the tree has been brought in for the winter, slowly ripening by spring.

I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to make those heirloom memories.  It doesn’t have to be about plants that still are thriving after all these years, it can be anything.    Remember a special time spent with a lost loved one, even if it was just sitting together over a cup of coffee.  Make a memory right now!

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Warm up

Okay, we hope that all of the moms out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  But now it is time to get down to business….are you in high gear with your training for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon?  It is less than a month away, and of course you need to get your body in tip top shape, and part of that training is making sure you have a VERY comfy bed for race week-end.    You haven’t made your reservation for your stay at the Canterbury House yet.  We still have rooms available for the week-end.  Come join our returning half marathoners…what a fun group!   Don’t miss out on a great week-end, first staying at the Canterbury House then participating in the Covered Bridges Half Marathon.

We look forward to hearing from you.


PS  After you call us for your room, remember the Pasta Supper is the night  before the race, so contact the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce to make your reservation! (www.woodstockvt.com)

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Special Occasions

Simon Pearce - Restaraunt

April is a special occasion month for us.  Bob has his birthday and we celebrate our wedding anniversary.  These celebrations are a week apart, so we take FULL advantage of being able to go out to some of our favorite places.   

We like to have lunch at Simon Pearce for Bob’s birthday.  It would not be his birthday if he doesn’t have his chedder cheese soup fix.  Simon Pearce better NOT EVER take it off of the lunch menu!  It is delicious.  There is something about sitting overlooking the waterfall at the beginning of spring.  The water is crystal clear and although it “looks” cold, you have the excitement of spring bursting around you.  Combine that with their wonderful food, the occasion is special.  Now, I mentioned the soup, which one of us gets EVERY TIME, everything else on the menu is equally good.  They always have a nice variety of salads, the trout with the hazelnut farro, is a combination that has texture and flavor that  work well together.  So, again this years’ birthday celebration at Simon Pearce was successful.     

 Now, our anniversary celebration…We love to go to Prince and the Pauper for dinner.  We started this little tradition, in 1999, we had been here almost a year and had been doing lots of innkeeper chores, and it was a beautiful mid April day,  when we realized it was our anniversary  (no, we DIDN’T forget, we just put it on the bottom of the list).  We decided after all of our hard work, we deserved something special.    

 So, we knew P&P would fit that bill.  Off we went, and a tradition was born.    This year was no different.  As always it  was wonderful.  From the pate and smoked salmon to the duck and of course the lamb, we aren’t disappointed.
Chris, Vinnie and the entire staff, make your dining experience delightful.  We truly feel fortunate to live in Woodstock and have the opportunity to make our April special occasions…special.  You should try it for your “special occasion”!

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Mt Tom Road to the Pogue

The Pogue in Woodstock VermontHave you registered yet for the Mt Tom Road to the Pogue?  Time is running out, the race is Saturday May 8th 2010.  We have heard it is filling up quickly, but there are slots still available.

This is one of our newer races to the area. Lots of fun, beautiful but challenging with a 445 feet in elevation gain over 6.2 miles along well maintained carriage roads of gravel and dirt.  The last 1.8 miles to the finish are all downhill.  Now, I didn’t make this up….I am quoting the Road  to the Pogue website. (www.roadtothepogue.com)

Come on, go to the website and register.  Then call us to book your room for the week-end. Come in Friday night, have a relaxing evening in Woodstock at the Canterbury House, then settle in for a great night sleep, enjoy my wonderful runners breakfast and head off for a fun event.  Then after the Race spend the rest of the day exploring Woodstock.  (Of course, your room will be freshened and ready for that afternoon nap. )

We can’t wait to see you, give us a call or book online on our website.


P.S.  In case you are wondering what’s a “Pogue”?  It is a man-made 14 acre pond tucked into the hills on Mount Tom here in Woodstock.  The beautiful carriage trail encircles the Pogue, right in the middle of Vermonts’ only national park, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park.  Just beautiful!

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Spring in Vermont

It appears Woodstock is getting an early spring.  The last two days have been in the 70′s and 80′s.  How unique, no snow on Easter Sunday in Vermont.  We are happily basking in the warmth and the sunlight.  Plants are starting to poke through the ground, soon there will be color!

Of course spring brings lots of activity to the Canterbury House.  Spring projects have started…Chaucers Garrett is getting a facelift. (stay tuned for new pictures on the website)  Lots of painting will be going on inside and out.  And of course, my favorite…working in the garden.  Cleanup in the beds starts anytime.  Spring really does bring a sense of renewal  and new beginnings doesn’t it? 

Now that spring is showing signs of arrival, it also gets us excited that for all of you who come to visit Woodstock from now through the fall season are in for a treat.  Starting with Vermont Law School graduation in May and Memorial Day week-end, the wonderful scent of the spectaular lilacs will be everywhere.  Law school graduation is such a milestone for graduates and their families, the Vermont setting  makes it even better!  We still have rooms available, so give us a call to book for your loved ones.

June of course, is exciting.  As always, the Covered Bridges Half Marathon is the first week-end in June.  Truly one of the best times to be in the Woodstock Area.  Hasn’t the weather been perfect for all of you who got in for 2010, to train for the race?  We look forward to seeing our repeat runners and those who have never been here before.  Better think about booking your room, we don’t have many rooms available.  You won’t regret it, it IS so much fun.

Now, after the CBHM is Dartmouth Graduation.  The area is overrun with proud parents, grandparents and extended families.  Talk about Smiles on faces!  Everywhere you look smiles.  Come on graduates, make sure Mom and Dad have a room for the week-end!

The last Big event in June is the Quechee Hot air Balloon Festival.  Absolutely breathtaking.  Another event you don’t want to miss!

I am also reminded that when the warmer weather arrives, outdoor dining is available.  Nothing better than sitting overlooking the waterfall at Simon Pearce having  lunch or dinner.  If you are lucky, maybe a hot balloon will float by.  Simply Breathtaking!  The food is really good too.

Okay, I am getting ahead of myself, so much to do and enjoy.  I will save more for future blogs.  Now if you are making those plans to visit Vermont either spring or summer, Bob and I are here, so contact us via email or call, book that room and we will help you plan the perfect Woodstock getaway.  Experience the excitement!


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We are blogging!

Welcome to the very first Canterbury House Blog!  For those of you who know us, probably think this will be coming from Bob, our computer, internet, and technology guru.  Well, it isn’t…it is coming from Sue, the one who  CAN surf the net, (for what is important in life–Shopping).  I use the computer for our reservation system, so I can process reservations (unless the system has a problem, then Bob takes over) and lastly I CAN do emails.  So, when we decided we wanted to have a Canterbury House Blog, I thought, I want to expand my horizons, and be the Woman of Blog!  So far so good, I have gotten one paragraph typed and I haven’t brought down our system!

The thing  that excites me about blogging is that, now we can share news and information about the Canterbury House, Woodstock and Vermont, with not just our forever friends (I don’t want to say “old friends”, cause none of us are old, seasoned maybe.) but some of our new friends and friends we hope to meet.  In coming blogs, I will keep you abreast of what is happening around the Bed and Breakfast and activities and events in Woodstock.  For example, there are plans for an Art Show on the Village Green on September 11 & 12, 2010. tThe Woodstock Chamber of Commerce is finalizing the details as I blog.  Sounds like it will be fun.  September is a perfect month for an outdoor event, not to hot.  More in future blogs.

I should probably tell you a little something about us, we are Bob and Sue Frost, owners and hands on innkeepers of The Canterbury House Bed and Breakfast, here in the village of Woodstock Vermont.  We came to Woodstock to purchase the Canterbury House, May 4, 1998, so  come May we will be starting our 13th season.  We hail from New Jersey, Bob originally from Westfield , (a bedroom community outside of NYC), me from Pennsauken  (just a quick drive over either the Ben Franklin or Walt Whitman bridges from Philadelphia).  Our last place we called home, was Middletown Twp, Monmouth County.  We spent ten years  being a hop, skip and a jump from the beach.  We traded it all in to be able to slip, slide and fall in the snow in Vermont.  Our professional backgrounds are in the Insurance industry, Bob, Vice President,  responsible for the “back end operations” for the corporate side of the company, in Philadelphia and NYC.  I supervised the corporate high risk, high dollar premium collections area , in Philadelphia.  Yes, it was an office romance.  We did work in different areas though!    In 1991, Bob was downsized out of the corporate world and decided to start his own computer consulting company for small businesses.  Five years later, we decided  to throw caution to the wind, and own a bed and breakfast.  For us, things happened quickly. We don’t know why intially, we decided on Vermont. Mind you, we had never been to Vermont!  In less than 6 months we found the Canterbury House, packed up our belongings, moved to Woodstock and never looked back!!

So, enough said about the past, in the future I hope I can put a smile on your face and help you with your plans for visiting Woodstock and The Canterbury House.  We would love to have you join us and experience what we love about the area.  We are ready for our 13th season to meet all of you and of course see returning guests.  Join us on the patio to chat and of course, breakfast is served everyday of your stay.  The griddles are hot for  my world renowned pancakes and french toast .  The maple trees have been tapped, and  the Vermont maple syrup is flowing.  It  has been warmed and is ready.  Breakfast awaits!

Stay tuned.

Sue “The Woman of Blog”

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Just days away now….

Now we are just days away from our  big day.  The author, my wife Sue is working on the text right now.  I know you can’t wait so check back in next week.

Until then here is a picture of what I think we are all looking for…  SUMMER.

Now Take care…  Sue will be online soon.  So stop back in and check us out.

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Hello world!

Welcome to our Blog.  At this point we are still under construction.  Please stop back in a couple of weeks.  Thanks again for visiting the Cantebury House.

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