A Visit To The Big City…..Burlington Vermont

For many of us, when we think of going in to the “city”, we think of New York or Boston.  Well, here in Vermont, if we plan a day in the city, we think of Burlington.  Burlington is the city on the lake….Lake Champlain, home to UVM and other colleges.  For us, it is a nice change to the quiet and slower pace that Woodstock (and most other towns/villages in Vermont) offers.  Burlington offers, theater, music, museums and lots and lots of dining choices.  It is a terrific walking city, especially around the lake.  Because of all of the colleges in and around Burlington, there is a youthful, vibrancy that gives it, its electricity.

Last week, Bob and I had some shopping to do in Williston, so on a picture perfect summer day, we drove the 90 minutes to Williston.  Happily, our shopping went quickly (I, being a task shopper, not a browsing shopper!) and we realized the day was still young.  We decided we would drive the 15 minutes from Williston to Burlington.  It was a great day to walk around the lake.  We could not have been more right.  It was just beautiful.  We walked the downtown area and then headed to the lake.  Lots of boats were out on the water.  Families were out in full force, most I might add, had ice cream cones in hand!  There were balls being tossed about on the grassy areas,  Many people were picnicking.  Lots of dogs, walking their masters……and of course, many bench sitters…..just enjoying the view.

We love living in Woodstock, for so many reasons, with one of those reasons being, how centrally located we are in the state…….a short 2 hour drive, in any direction, takes us to such lovely areas, like Burlington.  Here are a few shots of the lake area of Burlington.  So, when planning to visit the Canterbury House and Woodstock, remember, you can do a little “day tour” to Burlington, and come home to the Canterbury House at the end of your day.  The best of all worlds!!!IMG_2870IMG_2869IMG_2874IMG_2877


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  1. Vita and Dan Lovett says:

    What a fun day trip –we will certainly add it to our Woodstock agenda!

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