I am NOT a happy camper….Two weeks ago, our host server was hacked……Bob had all of the website “stuff” backed up, but was the blog backed up and saved in a separate file…..NO.  Now, of course, I can’t blame Bob (but, it is certainly more fun, if I do) because the blog is my baby.  In 2011, there was a problem with the site and I lost my most current blog and I said then “I need to make copies, so that this doesn’t happen again”.  Famous last words, cause that was all they were….Words.  I got cocky and confident, thinking, this  was a freak occurence, it won’t happen again.  Boy was I wrong!  IT HAPPENED AGAIN!     This time I lost all of my 2012 blogs AND my 2013 blogs.broken-computer-10108009

So, for those of you who follow my blogs, or if you are new to my blogs……I haven’t been lazy in my blogging, with my last blog in December 2011……they are gone.  In the overall scheme of life, my losing blogs, isn’t a big deal.  But……I admit it, I am upset……all my work, gone in an instant…..I bared my soul.  All my swearing, trying to get the pictures placed exactly where I wanted them, gone.  Okay, I feel better (not really, blogs are STILL gone).

Now that I have vented my frustration, it is time to move on,,,,I have to look on the positive side…..many of those lost blogs can and will be recreated with a fresh, new 2013 look at them.  So, stay tuned……new blogs coming soon.   And yes, I WILL SAVE THEM!  I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON!

Oh, by the way,  I think Bob was feeling sorry for me……this week he suggested we buy me a new, faster computer, so my blogging would be easier.  (I had been using my little ACER netbook……which, was getting slower and slower and wouldn’t let me download pictures very well.)  Life isn’t all bad!

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