Of Cars and Cemeteries

This week-end we had a lovely couple (Dave and Rosemary) from Rhode Island staying with us.  They were here because Dave’s Miata sports car club decided to do week-end ride in Vermont.  Now, of course, this car is Dave’s baby.  For Rosemary, well let’s just say….it isn’t HER baby.  Normally, Dave goes on these rides by himself, but as Rosemary says “I do one ride a year”, so lucky for us she did this Woodstock/Vermont ride.

The group came up on Friday, arriving early afternoon.  The group didn’t have any organized dinner plans on Friday, so Dave and Rosemary went to Prince and the Pauper.  They had a lovely  meal.  The next morning after breakfast, they were off with the club for a day of driving.  They were gone most of the day.  Back home to the Canterbury House briefly, then out to dinner with the club at Firestones.  No chance to give the innkeepers an update on their day until breakfast this morning.

A fun day was had by all, never had to put the top up on the car for rain.  So,  they were really able to enjoy the sites.  They were telling us and our other guests about one interesting stop they made…It was the Hope Cemetery in Barre Vermont.Barre Vermont is the “Granite Capital of the World“.  Hope cemetery presents a distinguished history of memorial art in stone.  This cemetry has had a profound influence on the memorial art of other cemteries throughout the country.

What makes this cemetery unique, is the way that families have memorialized and honored loved ones.  For example, there is  a  personalized memorial in the form of a favorite chair of the person being memorialized.  There are others as unique as this, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise when YOU go to visit this cemetery.

Bob and I had heard previously about the Hope  Cemetery several times, but frankly, we quickly filed it away in the back of our brains.  Hearing Dave and Rosemary talk about it makes us want to go.  I see a trip to Barre Vermont in our very near future.

The thing that we love most about being innkeepers is that Canterbury House guests love to share their experiences with other guests and us.  Whether it is about places around the world they have been or frankly, right in our own backyard,  there are always new things to do and see.  As Dave and Rosemary made the Canterbury House there “home base” why don’t you?  You don’t have to have a car club to visit Hope Cemetery, or any other great location, just come for a visit.  Bob and I would love to help you plan your trip.

If you want more information on the Hope Cemetery, certainly you can call us or check out the following website….


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  1. Vita & Dan says:

    The British Invasion Car Show will be in Stowe Sept 17-19, 2010….Looing forward to seeing the Inn Keepers then!! Great event – not to miss!

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