Ghost Story and Woodstock

Yesterday, I had to take our car for servicing at the local dealership,  I grabbed our copy of the weekly newspaper the Vermont Standard so that I would have something to read as I waited for our car.  Our paper comes out once a week on Thursdays, and I have to tell you I look forward every week to read through it, cover to cover.  This week was no different, and the fact that I knew I had at least an hour wait for the car, I couldn’t think of a better time to read the Standard.

This week the paper had a whole page layout on a fact that most “Woodstock locals” and “ghost followers” only know…….The 1981 movie GHOST STORY was filmed right here in Woodstock.   The movie starred Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Melvyn Douglas, John Houseman, and Patricia Neal.  Oh, for the fans of the television series Thirtysomething, Ken Olin  was also in it.  According to the paper this is the 30th Anniversary of Ghost Story.   To commemorate the event the Woodstock History Center will present two showings of the film on Saturday, Oct 29th.  This is the centerpiece of the second annual SPOOKY WOODSTOCK festival, held at the Dana House on Elm Street.

Lots of entertaining and fun facts were highlights of the article…For example, more than 1200 people applied for the 300 folks needed for stand-ins, photo doubles and other extras.  (Remember, Woodstock town and village combined is only about 3200 people!)  The Woodstock Inn had 45 rooms reserved for movie personnel and personalities.  The Masonic Hall (right up the street from the Canterbury House) was reserved and was used as a cafeteria for the film crew.  Woodstock residents were quite excited to see some of the most famous stars of the silver screen strolling our streets.  Although, there was quite a bit of excitement about the film, one thing the citizens of Woodstock DID turn down, was a request to film a scene in the River Street Cemetery.  Many scenes WERE filmed on the Iron Bridge on Elm Street.

On occasion, over the years, the Canterbury House has had a few guests who were REAL fans of this movie and they knew EVERY place in town that was in the movie.  So, although we weren’t here in 1981, we found it neat to say we had a movie with BIG name stars filmed here.  I readily admit, I am not a spooky/horror movie kind of gal……I think I have issues going back to when I was a teenager who babysat for many of our neighbors kids, and it never failed…..THERE WAS ALWAYS A VINCENT PRICE MOVIE ON LATE AT NIGHT!  Nothing like being 15 years old, in a strange house, with The House of Wax on television…..scared me to death!!!

So, if you are a fan of scary movies, you might want to  rent the movie or  Netflix has GHOST STORY to rent or for  streaming.  Halloween IS approaching.  If you have been to Woodstock, see how much of the Village you recognize, or if you haven’t…watch the movie and then come to Woodstock to check out our “movie locations”.  You might also want to check out the Vermont Standard article and pictures  at




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