Foliage Season 2011

The 2011 foliage season is winding down.  Colors of the leaves are fading, there is a chill to the air and the sun seems to sink behind the mountains much earlier in the day.

The trees and their leaves appeared to have a stubborn streak this year.  Peak was much later than the norm….we saw brillant color in Woodstock and central Vermont, Sunday of Columbus Day Week-end.  We had a good hard frost the Wednesday night before Columbus Day week-end and by Sunday the colors popped.  After 14 foliage seasons, I find it really cool watching the colors evolve.  I swear it seems like they change right before your eyes!  We did have a bunch of rain early in the season, but the rain gave way to some absolutely spectacular warm and sunny days.

As the season winds down, Bob and I are able to catch our breath and reflect on how blessed we feel to be innkeepers.  Does the busy foliage season mean lots of laundry, grocery shopping, and all the other chores that having a full house for five weeks straight, brings, you betcha!  More importantly, it means 5 weeks of amazing guests from all over the world, pass through our front door.  I know that we might be a tad biased, but it is true….We have THE BEST GUESTS !

This year, 40th wedding anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and even a proposal of marriage, all were celebrated at the Canterbury House.  We had several newly retired school teachers, giddy with excitement to be experiencing a fall vacation…. for the first time.

Some of the countries and states that Canterbury House visitors call home were…United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Italy, to name a few.  In the States, visitors pretty much came from coast to coast.  Interestingly, we saw a real increase of folks from Oregon.  If we check back through the years, very few people have visited us from Oregon, so we were delighted to host your stay.  It is fun for us to track where our guests call home.  It does change from year to year….last year South Carolina and Texas were front runners.

Even though the leaves have lost their color, and are falling to the ground, these remaining weeks of October still have their beauty.  Just because the color is gone, it isn’t to late too plan an autumn get away.  You know you want to hear the crunch of leaves under your feet as you walk from the Canterbury House to Billings Farm, shopping or dinner.  You can walk through them and not have to worry about raking them up!  We are here…give us a call.



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  1. Vita & Dan says:

    Spending the fall season at Canterbury is such a treat! Fall color and charming innkeepers!

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