Irene…Rest in Peace!

This is my very last post on that nasty Irene!  It is time to give her the ol’ Viking Funeral.   In the month since her visit, it is nothing short of a miracle, all the progress that has been made.  My head is spinning with all the information we are getting daily.  I will give you some highlights, because there are just so many to list, you would be reading for days.

Here we go……..Simon Pearce Restaurant, Open for lunch  and dinner.  The retail store is open, unfortunately, no glass blowing in Quechee. But… You can go to the factory and watch glass blowing there!  At the Quechee site they have some amazing pictures all around to show what Irene did.  Now, if you are planning to have dinner at Simon Pearce….RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST!  You don’t need a reservation for lunch.

Red Rooster and the Tavern @The Woodstock Inn are opening  Friday, September 30th.

Calvin Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth is open.  Great news because we thought it may not be able to open at all.

Gondola @ Killington is open daily starting Oct 1st to Oct 10th from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  So if you want to ride the gondola into the clouds to see the magnificant foliage, Go for it!

ROADS, ROADS, AND MORE ROADS!  Route 100 is open from Route 4, West Bridgewater ALL THE WAY into Ludlow, Weston,etc.  We were able to travel Route 100 South, down to Manchester.  By this week-end two temporary bridges are scheduled to open and once in use will provide UNINTERUPPTED TRAVEL along Route 100A in Plymouth and Route 100 in Pittsfield.  Opening the bridge in Pittsfield allows you to travel freely along Route 100 between Stockbridge and Killington!  In Bethel Route 12 is scheduled to be open by October 7th.  Whew… many OPENINGS.  There really are too many for me to list them all, but you get the idea.

Here are just a few “fun facts” you might enjoy…..Tropical Storm Irene closed 34 bridges along Vermont’s state highway system. VTrans has reopened 25 of these bridges, while nine remain closed to full public travel.  Of the nine that remain closed to full public travel, seven require temporary bridges and will be reopened by the end of October or sooner!  The opening of Route 100 through Pittsfield this week-end will represent a major milestone because it will allow the free-flow of traffic without detours or major impediments for the entire 135 mile stretch of Rte 100 between Ludlow and Newport just in time for the height of foliage season.

So, NOW you can see why it is time to put Irene to rest…..Vermont still has many homes to rebuild, businesses to reopen, bridges to fix, but healing is happening everyday and we won’t forget that there Still is a lot to do, but we can rejoice in what HAS been accomplished.

Stay tuned for my next post……….Foliage Season has arrived!  We can’t wait to share OUR Woodstock and the rest of Vermont with You!

One last note…..When driving on any of our roads, that still have road crews, please use caution, maybe give them the old thumbs up……The men and women who are putting Vermont roads back together have been working around the clock to give we Vermonters and all the wonderful people who visit here, something pretty special.


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