Woodstock, Post Irene Update 9/15/11

Amazing, exciting news…. ROUTE 4 IS OPEN! You can now travel the entire road, from Rutland in the west, through Killington, Bridgewater, Woodstock, all the way east to Interstate 89.    This is a BIG, BIG deal, Route 4 is central Vermont’s busiest east-west route.  The road crews deserve major kudos for their incredible super human efforts to put our state back together.  Everyday we are seeing more and more roads being opened. Big WOW factor!

It is feeling like life is getting back to normal here in Woodstock….On Tuesday evening our Village Trustees (governing body) approved the permit for this year’s WASSAIL EVENTS, December 9-11, 2011.  One more sign that Woodstock is going in forward motion!  Good news.  Oh, did I mention that the Vienna Boys Choir is performing Friday (Dec 9th)  night at the Town Hall Theatre?  When they were here Wassail Weekend  several years ago…it was a FABULOUS EVENING.  We have a few rooms left….have YOU booked yet?  It is a great way to start the holiday season.

Lastly, for those who are curious as to how the folks who lost their homes or had major damage are doing…..FEMA has set up shop in Woodstock.  They have been going door to door, giving info to everyone.  Many of the hardest hit people have had tremendous help with clean-up.  The Woodstock community is working incredibly hard to get people back in their homes.  This Sunday there is going to be a benefit concert at Town Hall, with many local performers AND Joe Perry from Aerosmith.  Throughout the state, there have been amazing fundraisers, like the PHISH concert, VPR has raised tons of money, just to name a few.  Many more events are being scheduled EVERY DAY.

Oh…………almost as exciting as Route 4 opening…………….Major Frost warnings in the forecast…..we know what that means……………..great color should be a comin’ in those leaves.   Next week I will do a drive and post a visual progress report.  Think vibrant color.


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