Woodstock, Post Irene Update 9/6/11

Happily, quiet news day…..Today Gov. Shumlin visited Woodstock  offering information and support.  Road repairs are “full steam ahead”.  Areas that suffered severe damage have had lots of volunteers assisting with clean-up. Progress everywhere!

Yesterday, Bob took a drive around the area to check on road accessibility and found encouraging progress….In fact, he was quite happy he made it through Bridgewater past the Long Trail Brewery. (He knew better than to stop for lunch without me!)  We are thinking of going for lunch on Friday…Fish & Chips Day!

Mother Nature gave us some more rain, yesterday and today, …I think I can speak for everyone, the rain makes you a wee bit jittery.    We haven’t seen any additional flooding or problems, thankfully.

Final details are being attended to for the Art Show on the Green this week-end.  Looks like the weather is going to cooperate, with sunny skies.  Area schools opened today.  Subtle signs of life returning to “Normal”.

It is nice to be able to tell you that the post Irene updates will be further apart as we heal our wounds.  As the Irene updates drift away, I will replace them with foliage watches….the camera batteries are charged and ready, so stay tuned.

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