Woodstock Post Irene Update 9/2/11

Another day of amazing progress…….More shops opened today and  as I drove through downtown, people were sitting outside at two of our cafes, having a bite to eat and coffee.  Bentley’s is opening for dinner this evening.   Prince & the Pauper is opening Saturday.   An added incentive….you don’t have to feed the parking meters until September 13th.  (If you have been to Woodstock before….you know this is a big deal.)  As I mentioned yesterday, Billings Farm opened today, hmmm….I wonder if they made any ice cream?  May need to check that out tomorrow.

There was a list of several more roads around town that have  reopened,  which I think is exciting, because there actually was a List.  More and more people are getting water back.  We have noticed, the water pressure is getting stronger.  The water company has  asked us to limit our use, which I think is fair,  so that everyone has water.   Let them get it all working the first time.  We still have to boil it first, but again, no big deal.  We are so impressed with how quickly services are coming back.  Tons of utility trucks are everywhere.  We were having coffee on our porch this evening, and I counted SIX power company trucks pass the house.  You feel like standing by the curb, clapping and cheering them on!  Honestly folks, it blows us away with how well this community is coordinating clean-up and the amount of information we are able to receive.  It isn’t perfect, but by golly, pretty darn close….Great job, Woodstock! Tomorrow morning @ 9:00am there is another community meeting, and  we will be there.  By the way, did you see tonight’s NBC NIGHTLY NEWS?  They did a very nice piece on last night’s community supper on the Green.  If you did, you can see, Woodstock folks are a determined bunch!

So, another day of real progress.  Recovery here we come! Almost forgot….HAPPY LABOR DAY, EVERYONE.


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