Irene and Woodstock

First, let me start off by saying, we are fine, Bob and I and our home The Canterbury House are thankfully intact and unscathed.  Our little community has fallen down and skinned its knees.  As you have all seen on the news, the covered bridge by Simon Pearce in Quechee has been destroyed. The Woodstock Middle Bridge is okay.  There are many people who have had their homes flooded or destroyed.  Travel on Rte 4 West, isn’t possible at the moment…but travelling Rte 4 East is fine.  The village has electricity, but we don’t have water.

All of that being said,  this amazing community is rallying around and taking care of its families.  Work is being done around the clock to get the roads open as quickly as possible.  We have had volunteers GOING DOOR TO DOOR, delivering water!  No definitive date for when the water service will be restored, but we are confident it will be in no time at all.  Families who have been flooded out of their homes are getting the help they need, to have “their roof over their heads”, again.   We are fortunate to be in a town that is so community minded, in good times, but, in these hard times it is amazing.

Thank you everyone for all of your calls and emails, with concern for us and our village.  You have no idea how much we appreciate it.  As we are so focused on what has happened here and all over Vermont, we don’t want to lose sight of everyone else in the Northeast whose life has been changed by this nasty lady, we hope you are finding your way out of this nightmare.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.  We also would like to say Thank you (not that it ever seems adequate enough) to all of the volunteers, fire, rescue, police, etc who are out working, in many instances risking their lives, to help all of us.

I would like to say a BIG thank you to our guests from Toronto, Lois and Steve, who weathered the storm with us.  What good sports they were….even when we lost our water.  They put up with drinking bottled water from the bottle.  We were thrilled when they joined us for dinner…..on paper plates (it killed me, not to use dishes).  For us it was a delightful evening, chatting and getting to know them.  It certainly helped take our minds off of what was going on around us.  Now the best part about Lois and Steve was, on Sunday, after the rains stopped, they walked around the village and were of course deeply affected by what they saw.  When they came back, the first thing they said to me was, is there any way we can volunteer to help on Monday.  Amazing!    They left us on Tuesday morning, determined to still see what they could of this beautiful state of Vermont. (oh, I forgot to tell you, they were travelling on their MOTORCYCLE!).  So, thank you Steve and Lois, for weathering the storm with us!

In closing think of Woodstock and the state of Vermont as  the “Energizer Bunny”  we keep on going, our batteries are over-charged!  We have the will and the energy to come back even stronger!     You will see, in no time at all, we will sparkle again.

I will post updates, so check back often.  You can certainly email us too at


PS  We have gotten word as I am writing this ….the Woodstock downtown shops ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!  Progress as I type.


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