Covered Bridges Half Marathon & The Canterbury House AGAIN

No, you are not going crazy…I know some of you have already read the blog about the Covered Bridges Half Marathon and the Canterbury House runners. Unfortunately, our host server provider was hacked last week end.  What came up if you clicked on our website, well, let me just say….you didn’t see the Canterbury House.    It, of course also effected our blog site.  When everything was restored,  yup, you guessed it….The Half Marathon Blog was gone.  So…….. I will have to recreate the entire blog.

I am hoping to get the blog up again, in the next few days, so stay tuned, check back mid-week to read ALL about  this great event and the Canterbury House FABULOUS runners.

PS  If you follow my blog, you will remember that right out of the chute I told you I wasn’t the teckkie person, Bob is Mr Techno/Computer Guy.  Now, when this happened, not only did Bob have to deal with the problem itself….boy, did he have his hands full, when he told me my blog was lost in cyberspace forever……(Not that I would ever whine and complain!!)

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