Daylight Savings

Don’t you just love daylight savings?  This week-end we spring forward!  I love that whole spring forward thing.  After a winter like this one, springing forward to spring sounds pretty darn good to me.  I find that once we change the clocks my whole attitude changes.  I finally believe that, the now ugly, dirty snow will go away, and the mud will disappear and okay, no groaning….the grass will be greener!

So, don’t be too upset losing that hour of sleep….it is, just one night…..think of all the wonderful sunshine, colors and sounds that spring brings.  Have you seen your first robin yet? 

Oh, I almost forgot…do you like my clock?  It isn’t just any Rooster alarm clock.  This clock is from my friend Vita in Tennessee.  Vita is an incredibly talented fiber artist.  Her creativity never ceases to amaze me.  Now you are wondering, “What does all that have to do with a rooster clock?”  Well, Vita has a wonderful website that spotlights her artwork and her blog.   Last year Vita and her husband Dan decided they were going to raise there own egg laying chickens!  Her blog chronicled the baby chicks coming home, to the laying of the FIRST EGG and so much more!  Now, Vita’s incredibly creative mind came up with a contest to guess how many eggs “her girls ” laid in 2010.  This clock was the prize!!  Now, I didn’t win the clock by guessing the right number of eggs, I “won” because I said “If I win, I will make sure that when Dan and Vita come visit us in Woodstock, the clock would be in THEIR ROOM.  I also suggested, a better idea for a contest would be to guess how many eggs Dan and Vita have eaten, since the girls started laying eggs.  Rusty, from Miami was the actual winner.  Rusty said “If I win send the clock to Sue Frost, so it can be put in Vita and Dan’s room!!!”.  So…..that’s how I got the clock. (Thanks Rusty!)

The point to all of this is, check out Vita’s website and see for yourself her wonderful artwork.  Read her blog too!  I guarantee that everyone of her posts will put a smile on your face.  You really need to experience for yourself  “The Girls”.   The web address is

So,  make sure you ”spring forward”  Your clock this week-end.  And I should also add that, if you decide when you visit the Canterbury House that you  would like the Rooster clock in your room, it can be arranged.  (I even think that if Vita and Dan are here, they would let you have the clock!!)

Enjoy “springing forward”.

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One Response to Daylight Savings

  1. Vita & Dan says:

    We are looking forward to visiting Canterbury House in July and setting the Rooster Alarm Clock EVERY morning during our stay!!! Thank you for sweet words about our chickens and website. Better yet, I think I will bring a few chickens along, so each guest can have an actual alarm clock in their room.

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