Oh Baby, It’s REALLY Cold Outside!

Okay, I am NOT telling you anything you didn’t already know, or for that matter experienced,  where you live….IT HAS BEEN BONE CHILLING COLD RECENTLY!! Last week-end (Jan 21st through the 24th, Monday) we had some pretty impressive temperatures, ranging from daytime lows of -6 to nighttime lows of -24!  Despite the cold, and lucky for us, our guests Lynn and Mike came to cross-country ski.  Anytime we get to spend time with our guests is great, but, what made their visit special is that Mike is a FABULOUS photographer and he is graciously allowing us to share them with you.  All of these pictures were taken by Michael Skerry with his IPhone!   You should also check out his website (especially if wedding plans are in your future.  He will do destination weddings, Woodstock maybe?).  www.derbystudios.com.     If  he takes this terrific a photo with his phone, the sky is the limit with professional photography gear. 




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One Response to Oh Baby, It’s REALLY Cold Outside!

  1. Lynn Saccone says:

    Great pictures, Sue and Bob, we had such a good time. I’m still thinking about those pancakes! Thanks so much for your hospitality. We will definately be back next year!!

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