Special Occasions

Simon Pearce - Restaraunt

April is a special occasion month for us.  Bob has his birthday and we celebrate our wedding anniversary.  These celebrations are a week apart, so we take FULL advantage of being able to go out to some of our favorite places.   

We like to have lunch at Simon Pearce for Bob’s birthday.  It would not be his birthday if he doesn’t have his chedder cheese soup fix.  Simon Pearce better NOT EVER take it off of the lunch menu!  It is delicious.  There is something about sitting overlooking the waterfall at the beginning of spring.  The water is crystal clear and although it “looks” cold, you have the excitement of spring bursting around you.  Combine that with their wonderful food, the occasion is special.  Now, I mentioned the soup, which one of us gets EVERY TIME, everything else on the menu is equally good.  They always have a nice variety of salads, the trout with the hazelnut farro, is a combination that has texture and flavor that  work well together.  So, again this years’ birthday celebration at Simon Pearce was successful.     

 Now, our anniversary celebration…We love to go to Prince and the Pauper for dinner.  We started this little tradition, in 1999, we had been here almost a year and had been doing lots of innkeeper chores, and it was a beautiful mid April day,  when we realized it was our anniversary  (no, we DIDN’T forget, we just put it on the bottom of the list).  We decided after all of our hard work, we deserved something special.    

 So, we knew P&P would fit that bill.  Off we went, and a tradition was born.    This year was no different.  As always it  was wonderful.  From the pate and smoked salmon to the duck and of course the lamb, we aren’t disappointed.
Chris, Vinnie and the entire staff, make your dining experience delightful.  We truly feel fortunate to live in Woodstock and have the opportunity to make our April special occasions…special.  You should try it for your “special occasion”!

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