365 Cancer Crusade Completed

Bill--Crossing Mile 365! He's in white shirt & grinning.

He has done it!  

  As I write this blog our nephew Bill Frost has passed the 365 mile post of his crusade.  He is running in the New York Marathon and around mile 17  he met his goal.  Family and friends were there to cheer him on. Technically, he will be doing more than his 365 miles when he crosses the finish line.  (total miles 374)  

If you read my earlier blog about Bill’s crusade to raise money for cancer, in honor of his stepmother who passed away in April, his good friend Tom and many others close to him who have had cancer touch their lives.  Last check  Bill has raised approximately $8,000.  Pretty terrific!  

Okay, I AM bragging again, but we are really proud of Bill.  This was quite an undertaking, and he never waivered in meeting his goal.  He gave up many a week-end, running, biking and swimming through lots of very hot weather.  This has pretty much filled his life since March 2010.  Now, we are waiting to hear what he is going to do next…knowing Bill, he will certainly try and top this.Check out his website, http://web.me.com/wmfrost/365CancerCrusade/Home.html   


JUST IN….AS OF 11/15/10, BILL RAISED OVER $10,000.00.  AMAZING!

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  1. Vita & Dan says:

    He is the man!! What a great angel to have supporting a good cause!

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