A Great Way to Spend an Afternoon

River view from the deck

Early last week Bob and I had a chance to sneak out for  lunch at one of our favorite places in the area.  We went to the Long Trail Brewing Company in nearby Bridgewater.   Whenever we want to “kick back” and take some time to enjoy our surroundings, off we go to the Long Trail for lunch.  Food is decent (bar type ) and inexpensive.  When you walk in you are greeted by the smell of the continuous popping of the pocorn, that you can scoop endless bowls.    Goes great with their selection of Ales.  The ever popular IPA, Double Bag  or of course, the Long Trail Ale.  It is always fun to do a “sampler”.  Now, there is nothing fancy about this place….it is a Brewery.  You sit at picnic tables, no fine china!  When the weather is nice you can sit outside on the deck and watch the river meander by.  (Although in early spring, it tends to Roar by, with everything thawing and melting.)  We sit outside every chance we can.

Over the years we have sent many of our guests here and I have lost count on how many times we have gone ourselves, or with friends.  We find it to be consistently good.  It is our “CHEERS’.  A place to see familiar faces and where they know your name!   No matter what the time of year, visit the Long Trail for lunch.  If you get there before us and you take “OUR” table, it is okay, we will just join you!

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