Fall is in the Air

Took a little drive around the area to check the progress of the leaves.  Starting to see subtle changes.  I suspect colors will appear right on schedule.  We haven’t had that hard frost yet, although we did get a bit nervous last night when we heard the weather report say “lows overnight around 31 degrees” .  Quickly went out and covered the orange tree and the mums that were recently bought.  False alarm.  That 100 year old orange tree will be coming in the house soon.  Bob LOVES this time of year……he says the orange tree gets heavier and heavier each year that he carries it into the house.  Personally, I don’t think the tree is getting heavier I think it is just because Bob is getting older!!

The days are really pretty now, the sun gives its subtle shadows and is certainly lower in the sky.  You know the old song The Lazy Hazy Days of Summer, I think the fall has its own lazy look.  As the leaves change their appearance, there is the feeling of “honkerin down” and preparing for a hibernation of sorts.  You can’t beat the smell of the air, so crisp and clean.  There always seems to be the scent of apples AND as the temperatures go down, nothing like the smell of fireplaces being lit for the first time of the season.  Of course, like magic, apple cider is simmering EVERYWHERE.

As you can see by these pictures,  we still have a bit to go before we have that spectacular Vermont color….but it is coming.  If you have already booked for this season, we can’t wait to share our wonderful fall foliage with you.  If you haven’t booked for this season, check out our availability online OR better yet, give us a call, (802-457-3077)  we still have a few rooms left, but they will go quickly.  Come experience this  natural beauty with us.

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