Avenue Q @ Weston Playhouse

We have seen our second in our series of 5 shows at the Weston Playhouse.  On Tuesday, July 20th  we saw Avenue Q.  What a show!  Very adult, a bit racy, funny and entertaining.  This show is the story of a young man who graduates college and moves to New York City.  He ends up in an apartment on Avenue Q.  Hence, the show title.  Kind of an adult Sesame Street, mixing puppets and people.

When the show opens, you aren’t sure whether you should watch the puppets, or their human “handlers”.  Eventually, they blend and  become one..  The actors in this show are amazing!  I was in awe of there coordination….they can work the puppets, dance around, and sing, all at once.  If it were me, well…I could barely walk across the stage without tripping!

Now, I don’t want to give the best parts of this show away, but we follow our main character, find true love and a direction for his life.  This is the most basic of descriptions, because I hope that you get to see this show, if the touring company comes to your area.  I will say these two words though—-Puppet Nudity.  The neighbors of our main character are funny and quirky.  You will laugh throughout the show.  It is always nice to have a “happily ever after” ending.  Oops, I gave away the ending!  I promise , it won’t ruin it for you, go see this show if you can.  (I guess my sister was right all those years ago…I can’t keep happy secrets!)

Many of the cast members have performed this show on Broadway and have been part of the touring company.  I know I have said it before, but it is worth saying again..How wonderful  for us to have The Weston Playhouse  to experience great, professional  theatre. 

Now, I know I told you on my last theatre blog that we wanted to do a picnic supper before the show, but good old mother nature threatened rain, so instead of the possibility of eating in the car, we went back to Sam’s Steakhouse.  We are two for two in having a nice dinner before the show.  Our picnic supper plans are again on the playbill for our next show….just need mother nature to cooperate. 

So, stay tuned…our next show is Damn Yankees.  Can’t wait to see it.  I will update you after the performance.

PS.  We had guests see Avenue Q last night and they thought it was great too.  I used GREAT restraint,  and didn’t give anything away.  (It was hard though!)

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