We are blogging!

Welcome to the very first Canterbury House Blog!  For those of you who know us, probably think this will be coming from Bob, our computer, internet, and technology guru.  Well, it isn’t…it is coming from Sue, the one who  CAN surf the net, (for what is important in life–Shopping).  I use the computer for our reservation system, so I can process reservations (unless the system has a problem, then Bob takes over) and lastly I CAN do emails.  So, when we decided we wanted to have a Canterbury House Blog, I thought, I want to expand my horizons, and be the Woman of Blog!  So far so good, I have gotten one paragraph typed and I haven’t brought down our system!

The thing  that excites me about blogging is that, now we can share news and information about the Canterbury House, Woodstock and Vermont, with not just our forever friends (I don’t want to say “old friends”, cause none of us are old, seasoned maybe.) but some of our new friends and friends we hope to meet.  In coming blogs, I will keep you abreast of what is happening around the Bed and Breakfast and activities and events in Woodstock.  For example, there are plans for an Art Show on the Village Green on September 11 & 12, 2010. tThe Woodstock Chamber of Commerce is finalizing the details as I blog.  Sounds like it will be fun.  September is a perfect month for an outdoor event, not to hot.  More in future blogs.

I should probably tell you a little something about us, we are Bob and Sue Frost, owners and hands on innkeepers of The Canterbury House Bed and Breakfast, here in the village of Woodstock Vermont.  We came to Woodstock to purchase the Canterbury House, May 4, 1998, so  come May we will be starting our 13th season.  We hail from New Jersey, Bob originally from Westfield , (a bedroom community outside of NYC), me from Pennsauken  (just a quick drive over either the Ben Franklin or Walt Whitman bridges from Philadelphia).  Our last place we called home, was Middletown Twp, Monmouth County.  We spent ten years  being a hop, skip and a jump from the beach.  We traded it all in to be able to slip, slide and fall in the snow in Vermont.  Our professional backgrounds are in the Insurance industry, Bob, Vice President,  responsible for the “back end operations” for the corporate side of the company, in Philadelphia and NYC.  I supervised the corporate high risk, high dollar premium collections area , in Philadelphia.  Yes, it was an office romance.  We did work in different areas though!    In 1991, Bob was downsized out of the corporate world and decided to start his own computer consulting company for small businesses.  Five years later, we decided  to throw caution to the wind, and own a bed and breakfast.  For us, things happened quickly. We don’t know why intially, we decided on Vermont. Mind you, we had never been to Vermont!  In less than 6 months we found the Canterbury House, packed up our belongings, moved to Woodstock and never looked back!!

So, enough said about the past, in the future I hope I can put a smile on your face and help you with your plans for visiting Woodstock and The Canterbury House.  We would love to have you join us and experience what we love about the area.  We are ready for our 13th season to meet all of you and of course see returning guests.  Join us on the patio to chat and of course, breakfast is served everyday of your stay.  The griddles are hot for  my world renowned pancakes and french toast .  The maple trees have been tapped, and  the Vermont maple syrup is flowing.  It  has been warmed and is ready.  Breakfast awaits!

Stay tuned.

Sue “The Woman of Blog”

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