Winding Roads and a Harley

Green Mountain Harley - Owners get out for a 4th of July Get-a-WayLast week I told you about our guests who were here with their Miata Club, touring Vermont.  Yesterday, we had two couples arrive for the 4th of July, on their Harley’s. Dave and Deb, and Brian and Christina are from the Essex Junction area of Vermont.  They own Green  Mountain Harley-Davidson,  in Essex Junction, VT.  So, it is only natural that they would come on their bikes.  They travelled down to Woodstock on Route 100.  This is a great route by any mode of transportation, car, bicycle or motorcycle.  We had one of those beautiful Vermont days that we treasure, so it was a great ride.

Now, Bob and I know nothing about motorcycles or have had experience riding one.  Listening to Deb, Dave, Brian and Christina talk about what it is like riding their Harley’s is fun.  Not only do they ride in the United States, they have done rides in other parts of the world, namely South America!  How cool is that!  Just like Dave about his Miata, our Harley enthusiasts consider their bikes as their babies.  I marvel at their skill in packing the “saddle bags”  (I apologize to all the motorcycle enthusiasts if I don’t have the right name for the bags! Remember, my knowledge level is zero!)  I couldn’t do it!  Where does the hair dryer go?  I could NEVER fit my clothes in such a small space.

I guess my point to all of this is…why not bring YOUR “baby” and visit Woodstock and The Canterbury House. We really enjoy hearing about your experiences exploring this area.

Also, if you are in the Essex Junction Vt area stop in and visit Dave, Debby, Christina and Brian at    Green Mountain Harley Davidson maybe you will find YOUR “baby”.  Check out their website too!

Happy Trails!

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