Girls getaway at The Canterbury House

Diane, Ro, Helen and Linda

Recently, I had a girlfriend visit, who I haven’t seen since we left New Jersey 13 years ago.  We have known each other since we were 19 years old (okay…no wise cracks, yes it was MORE than a few years ago, but who is counting! ).  We have stayed in touch through Christmas and birthday cards and occasional phone calls.  We ALWAYS  have had the best of intentions to try to see each other, but no fault intended….Life was busy.  Last year at Christmas time, we had a marathon phone session and we said….”2010 is the year to see each other”.  Yes, you know how it goes, we have said it before, but THIS YEAR WE MEANT IT.  So, at the end of July, my dear friend Diane came for a.visit!!!  I was so excited, I made tons of plans to show my old friend, Woodstock and other parts of Vermont. 

Now, for me there is an added bonus to this story.  When Diane told 3 of her close girlfriends (Roseanne, Helen and Linda) she was coming to visit, they wanted to come along.  I met Roseanne many, many years ago, but we didn’t spend a lot of time together, Helen and Linda I never met.  I knew because they were Diane’s friends, I would like them.  My instincts were right…..they are terrific ladies!

They showed up late Sunday afternoon  (okay, they WERE a bit late…they got lost!  It is a long story, maybe another time).  Diane hadn’t changed one bit.  We had dinner and made our plans for the next day.  The next morning after breakfast, (Bob agreed to stay home and take over my chores)  the 5 of us piled into the car and off we headed to our first stop–The Vermont Country Store.  On the the way, we stopped at Calvin Coolidge’s Homestead for a picture op. 

As we entered The Vermont Country Store  I quickly learned that these ladies were experienced, seasoned shoppers.  They enjoyed every corner of this wonderful store.  We headed across the street to the Weston Village Christmas Shop.  Okay, I couldn’t resist adding to my Possible Dreams Santa collection.  Three hours later, we piled back into the car and off we went.  Downtown Woodstock  was next.  Of course, all the while, there was a steady stream of conversation.  So many years to catch up with, so many memories to relive.  Diane’s memory is AMAZING.  She brought up things I had long forgotten.  I also got the chance to hear about Diane’s adventures with Ro, Helen and Linda.  It was bittersweet for me, happy to know that my dear, dear friend had “sisters” to look out after her, when I couldn’t and sad to realize, I wasn’t with this wonderful group of women.  Okay, enough of the sappy stuff, let the tour continue.

We came back to Woodstock and explored Gillinghams, Unicorn and Clover Gifts, just to name a few.  Finally, I wore them down…they were tired, back to the Canterbury House for rest before dinner at Bentleys. After dinner, back home to relax on the patio, chatting and enjoying the coolness of a perfect Vermont evening.

We set out again the next day after breakfast to explore Simon Pearce, Quechee Gorge, King Arthur Flour and Hanover.  We even managed to time it so that we could see a hot air balloon taking off in Quechee!   It was wonderful showing my friends these terrific sites.  What also struck me was how much fun it was for me to play “tourist” in all the places we regularly send all of our guests who visit the Canterbury House.  It isn’t that I forgot how great these sites are, but I will say it energized me.

Sadly,  Wednesday morning my old/new friends packed up the car after breakfast to head home for Philly and Cherry Hill.  It was a WONDERFUL visit and even now weeks later I have a smile on my face every time I think of their visit.  WE ACTUALLY PULLED IT OFF…..2010 WAS the year we got together, Hooray!

Over our years at the Canterbury House, I have always been envious of the many girlfriends, sisters, mother/daughters we have had do their ” girls getaway”.  Lucky for me I now have had my own girls getaway, ( without the leaving home for me).  Could this be an annual event?  If you are thinking of doing a “girls getaway”, don’t wait….do it!  I highly recommend it, come stay with us at the Canterbury House and let me plan your excursions!

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One Response to Girls getaway at The Canterbury House

  1. Diane LoGiudice says:

    What a wonderful girls get away ! i couldn’t ask for better friends, a wonderful place to stay and the best tour guide and friend. So nice that you now have new friends. It was truly worth the long ride. I would love to make this a yearly trip. i owe Bob big time for filling in as both host & hostess at the Inn while you made sure we took in as many sites as possible. Woodstock is an amazing town. it is so nice to visit a place untouched by franchises like Burger King and WaWa. Just people so proud of what they do and making it available to all. It is a great place. I would love to visit when the leaves turn. It must be spectacular !! My favorite thing was the covered bridges. They hold a place in my heart ever since i saw The Bridges of Madison County years ago. It is so nice to fall into bed at night truly exhausted from having so much fun. My insides were not the same for days. I am so glad they make digital cameras now. i couldn’t stop taking pictures. There is so much to photograph. To my long time friend Sue (and Bob) I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. PS your new friends say hi too !!!

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