365 Cancer Crusade

Bills on the left - Number 5255


Sometimes in our lives we just have to brag.  Our nephew Bill Frost is a pretty terrific young man.    Our family, unfortunately, like so many other families have been touched by cancer.   Bill decided he wanted to be part of the fight against cancer. Since he is a runner, he thought he would raise money through running.  So, he came up with  the 365 Cancer Crusade.   His crusade is sanctioned running, biathlon, and triathlon events within the 2010 calender year.  

The money he is raising is being donated through the Avon Foundation.  So far he has raised over $6,000.00!  Pretty impressive.  If you would like to follow his progress, or cheer him on, check out his website. 


Thanks Bill. 

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  1. Vita & Dan says:

    Bill is a hero for sure! How wonderful of him for starting the 365 Cancer Crusade!

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