Canterbury House Fun Facts

IMG_0297HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  If you are like us, you are now in the process of taking down your holiday decorations.  I find that taking down the decorations is the true sign that we have closed the door on another year.  We put away all of our treasured memories of years gone by.  For us, a big chunk of those memories involve our life as innkeepers of the Canterbury House.  I thought I would share some of the fun facts that we have experienced since May 1998.

When we arrived in Woodstock, May 1998, The Canterbury House was one of three bed and breakfasts that had websites on the internet.  Within 3 days of taking ownership, Bob had our website up and running.  Our very first guests that booked, as a result of the website, sent an email, less than a week later, wanting to reserve a room for the Christmas holidays.  Now, at that time, there was no online reservation capabilities or an online availability chart.  It was  exciting!  That first couple who booked were from Texas and they wanted to spend Christmas where it was cold and snowy.  They liked it so much, they came back the following year.

Award for repeat visits to the Canterbury House……Jill and Lisa, have visited us every year since 1999.  They are two sisters who have their “girls getaway” in late fall to hike every mountain in Vermont!  I think they have climbed every peak.  They hike two days then the all important shopping day is the third day.

Visitors from all over the world…. It has been wonderful meeting guests from so many different countries and cultures. Folks have come from England, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, just to name a few.

Snow for the holidays….There have been only two Christmas holidays that we remember not having  substanial snow on the ground.  Those years there was a “dusting” of snow.  Then there was the year that we got 27 inches on Christmas day, and….New Years Eve we got about 10 inches more!

Our 50 states have been represented well at the Canterbury House…….Each state has had guests visit the Canterbury House throughout the years.  During the foliage season the states that are most represented are….California, Ohio, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Illinois.  Through out the rest of the year Mass, New York, Conn, California and New Jersey are our top 5 states.  By the way, even Hawaii and Alaska residents have been guests at the Canterbury House!

Bring on the breakfast…..We love serving breakfast to our guests.  This means lots of grocery shopping trips, especially during the foliage season.  On average, per week, we use 15 dozen eggs, 3 gallons of milk, flipped 72 pancakes, 36 slices French toast, 10 pounds of flour, this is only a small sampling of items, it goes on.  Of course, the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient used….Maple syrup. We typically go through 3 gallons, for the entire foliage season.

I could go on forever with all sorts of facts, but I won’t.  We certainly would like to expand our fun facts lists, so it is time to make your plans to visit the Canterbury House in 2014.  You can reserve your room from our website,, or give us a call at 802-457-3077.  Let us help you plan a great stay at the Canterbury House and Woodstock.


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