Happy Happy Trees

IMG_0838See all of these trees……they are very happy!  Their happiness comes from tonight’s weather forecast……..FROST WARNING TONIGHT UNTIL 8 AM TOMORROW!  The extended forecast for the next 7 to 10 days is calling for the set-up for perfect leaf peeping……Warm, sunny, DRY days, cool nights.  The “perfect storm” (although I hate to use the word storm, but you get my point.) for getting those trees to make REALLY gorgeous colored leaves.   Mid-September is when you want the frost to come, with the following days to be sunny and warm, with cooling at night.  

So, think frost tonight…….we all want a spectacular fall foliage season!!!!   Plus, I just bought a fancy new camera……what better time to learn how to use it!!!

By the way, all of the local reports are saying foliage appears to be right on schedule…..just a few weeks away from shear magnificent!   Hope you can join us…..rooms are filling up amazingly fast…..just a few left…….book now, so that you can experience this truly beautiful time.   Check out our availability chart and book on our secure site.   See you soon.IMG_0830 IMG_0833

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