Canterbury House Fun Facts

IMG_0297HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  If you are like us, you are now in the process of taking down your holiday decorations.  I find that taking down the decorations is the true sign that we have closed the door on another year.  We put away all of our treasured memories of years gone by.  For us, a big chunk of those memories involve our life as innkeepers of the Canterbury House.  I thought I would share some of the fun facts that we have experienced since May 1998.

When we arrived in Woodstock, May 1998, The Canterbury House was one of three bed and breakfasts that had websites on the internet.  Within 3 days of taking ownership, Bob had our website up and running.  Our very first guests that booked, as a result of the website, sent an email, less than a week later, wanting to reserve a room for the Christmas holidays.  Now, at that time, there was no online reservation capabilities or an online availability chart.  It was  exciting!  That first couple who booked were from Texas and they wanted to spend Christmas where it was cold and snowy.  They liked it so much, they came back the following year.

Award for repeat visits to the Canterbury House……Jill and Lisa, have visited us every year since 1999.  They are two sisters who have their “girls getaway” in late fall to hike every mountain in Vermont!  I think they have climbed every peak.  They hike two days then the all important shopping day is the third day.

Visitors from all over the world…. It has been wonderful meeting guests from so many different countries and cultures. Folks have come from England, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, just to name a few.

Snow for the holidays….There have been only two Christmas holidays that we remember not having  substanial snow on the ground.  Those years there was a “dusting” of snow.  Then there was the year that we got 27 inches on Christmas day, and….New Years Eve we got about 10 inches more!

Our 50 states have been represented well at the Canterbury House…….Each state has had guests visit the Canterbury House throughout the years.  During the foliage season the states that are most represented are….California, Ohio, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Illinois.  Through out the rest of the year Mass, New York, Conn, California and New Jersey are our top 5 states.  By the way, even Hawaii and Alaska residents have been guests at the Canterbury House!

Bring on the breakfast…..We love serving breakfast to our guests.  This means lots of grocery shopping trips, especially during the foliage season.  On average, per week, we use 15 dozen eggs, 3 gallons of milk, flipped 72 pancakes, 36 slices French toast, 10 pounds of flour, this is only a small sampling of items, it goes on.  Of course, the MOST IMPORTANT ingredient used….Maple syrup. We typically go through 3 gallons, for the entire foliage season.

I could go on forever with all sorts of facts, but I won’t.  We certainly would like to expand our fun facts lists, so it is time to make your plans to visit the Canterbury House in 2014.  You can reserve your room from our website,, or give us a call at 802-457-3077.  Let us help you plan a great stay at the Canterbury House and Woodstock.


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I see Red and Yellow and Orange……..

IMG_3011_1On Thursday, Oct 3rd, Bob and I went for a quick lunch at the Long Trail Brewery.  It was such a beautiful day, that we decided to do a short foliage drive around the Bridgewater/Plymouth/ Woodstock  area.   Colors are FABULOUS  this year.  Every day they are getting better and better.  It is very exciting……shaping up to be a banner foliage season.  Thought I would share what we saw on Thursday.  Hope you enjoy the view!IMG_3013_1IMG_2998_1IMG_3008_1

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Happy Happy Trees

IMG_0838See all of these trees……they are very happy!  Their happiness comes from tonight’s weather forecast……..FROST WARNING TONIGHT UNTIL 8 AM TOMORROW!  The extended forecast for the next 7 to 10 days is calling for the set-up for perfect leaf peeping……Warm, sunny, DRY days, cool nights.  The “perfect storm” (although I hate to use the word storm, but you get my point.) for getting those trees to make REALLY gorgeous colored leaves.   Mid-September is when you want the frost to come, with the following days to be sunny and warm, with cooling at night.  

So, think frost tonight…….we all want a spectacular fall foliage season!!!!   Plus, I just bought a fancy new camera……what better time to learn how to use it!!!

By the way, all of the local reports are saying foliage appears to be right on schedule…..just a few weeks away from shear magnificent!   Hope you can join us…..rooms are filling up amazingly fast…..just a few left…….book now, so that you can experience this truly beautiful time.   Check out our availability chart and book on our secure site.   See you soon.IMG_0830 IMG_0833

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Covered Bridges of Windsor County



Cornish Windsor Bridge

Cornish Windsor Bridge

Willard Bridge

Willard Bridge

Martins Mill Bridge

Martins Mill Bridge

Bowers Bridge

Bowers Bridge

Bests Bridge

Bests Bridge

Salmond Bridge

Salmond Bridge

Downers Bridge

Downers Bridge

I thought in honor of the upcoming grand re-opening of the Taftsville Covered Bridge,  September 7th, 2013, I would give you a little tour and history of the covered bridges in Windsor County, Vermont.  All of these bridges are less than an hours drive from the Canterbury House.  In fact, Bob and I decided last Sunday, to do our own little tour of these amazing structures.  The entire tour took us a few hours, and it was quite fun.  We visited 8 bridges in all, out of a total of 11.  The three we did NOT visit, were bridges that are right here in Woodstock and Quechee.  Since we see these bridges on a daily basis, no new tour of them was needed.

Okay, on to the tour….I tried to make our trip as linear and efficient as possible, so in order, here is the list:

1.  Downers Bridge- Weathersfield. Built in 1840. Span 120′  Structure type: Town Lattice.

2.  Salmond Bridge- Weathersfield.  Built 1880. Span 54′/ Structure type:  kingpost truss.  Previously located in 2      different locations, it was first moved in 1959 to take it out of a flood control area.  It was moved to Amsden, VT were it was used as a town  storage shed.  It was moved to its present location in 1986.

3.  Bests Bridge-West Windsor. Built 1890. Span 37′.  Structure: Tied Arch.  One of the shortest covered bridges in Vermont. 

4.  Bowers Bridge-West Windsor.  Built 1909. Span 48′.  Structure Tied Arch. Rebuilt 2012.  Tropical storm Irene  destroyed it, 2011.

5. Cornish-Windsor Bridge- Windsor.  Built 1866. Span: Two spans totaling 460 feet, over the Connecticut River. Structure: Town Lattice.  This is the longest two-span covered bridge in the world and the longest covered bridge in the US.

6. Martins Mill Bridge-Hartland.  Built 1881.  Span 135′.  Structure Town      Lattice.

7. Willard Bridge- Hartland.  Built 1870. Span 125′. Structure: Town Lattice.  A few hundred feet down Mill Street is the bridge’s “twin”…..a newer covered bridge authentically built in 2001.  We did not see its’ twin.

8. Taftsville Bridge-Taftsville.  Built 1836. Span: Two spans totaling 190′.           Structure: Multiple kingpost truss and arches. Third oldest covered bridge  in Vermont.  The foundation of the bridge sustained substantial damage, from Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.  Has been reconstructed (using original boards and trusses).  Reopening September 2013.

You will notice that in my brief descriptions of these bridges I have indicated what type of structure they each were……..Town Lattice, Tied Arch or Timbered Trusses.  In order to not have you reading this blog for the next 10 years…..You can check out our website and see the page that Bob has put out, explaining all of this.  He also answers the question “Why are bridges covered?”  Check out the page on the website  If you go to the front page and click on the picture of the covered bridge…..for a wealth of information on covered bridges.

So, here is ONE MORE GREAT REASON TO COME TO WOODSTOCK. You won’t have to leave the county to see an abundance of covered bridges!!  If you stay at the Canterbury House we can get you started in the right direction of Covered Bridges overload!!!   Call us to reserve your room.

PS.  When you are visiting these bridges, we will certainly make sure you see Woodstock’s Middle Bridge and the Lincoln Covered Bridge.  They can easily be included in your Covered Bridges Tour.





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A Visit To The Big City…..Burlington Vermont

For many of us, when we think of going in to the “city”, we think of New York or Boston.  Well, here in Vermont, if we plan a day in the city, we think of Burlington.  Burlington is the city on the lake….Lake Champlain, home to UVM and other colleges.  For us, it is a nice change to the quiet and slower pace that Woodstock (and most other towns/villages in Vermont) offers.  Burlington offers, theater, music, museums and lots and lots of dining choices.  It is a terrific walking city, especially around the lake.  Because of all of the colleges in and around Burlington, there is a youthful, vibrancy that gives it, its electricity.

Last week, Bob and I had some shopping to do in Williston, so on a picture perfect summer day, we drove the 90 minutes to Williston.  Happily, our shopping went quickly (I, being a task shopper, not a browsing shopper!) and we realized the day was still young.  We decided we would drive the 15 minutes from Williston to Burlington.  It was a great day to walk around the lake.  We could not have been more right.  It was just beautiful.  We walked the downtown area and then headed to the lake.  Lots of boats were out on the water.  Families were out in full force, most I might add, had ice cream cones in hand!  There were balls being tossed about on the grassy areas,  Many people were picnicking.  Lots of dogs, walking their masters……and of course, many bench sitters…..just enjoying the view.

We love living in Woodstock, for so many reasons, with one of those reasons being, how centrally located we are in the state…….a short 2 hour drive, in any direction, takes us to such lovely areas, like Burlington.  Here are a few shots of the lake area of Burlington.  So, when planning to visit the Canterbury House and Woodstock, remember, you can do a little “day tour” to Burlington, and come home to the Canterbury House at the end of your day.  The best of all worlds!!!IMG_2870IMG_2869IMG_2874IMG_2877


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I am NOT a happy camper….Two weeks ago, our host server was hacked……Bob had all of the website “stuff” backed up, but was the blog backed up and saved in a separate file…..NO.  Now, of course, I can’t blame Bob (but, it is certainly more fun, if I do) because the blog is my baby.  In 2011, there was a problem with the site and I lost my most current blog and I said then “I need to make copies, so that this doesn’t happen again”.  Famous last words, cause that was all they were….Words.  I got cocky and confident, thinking, this  was a freak occurence, it won’t happen again.  Boy was I wrong!  IT HAPPENED AGAIN!     This time I lost all of my 2012 blogs AND my 2013 blogs.broken-computer-10108009

So, for those of you who follow my blogs, or if you are new to my blogs……I haven’t been lazy in my blogging, with my last blog in December 2011……they are gone.  In the overall scheme of life, my losing blogs, isn’t a big deal.  But……I admit it, I am upset……all my work, gone in an instant…..I bared my soul.  All my swearing, trying to get the pictures placed exactly where I wanted them, gone.  Okay, I feel better (not really, blogs are STILL gone).

Now that I have vented my frustration, it is time to move on,,,,I have to look on the positive side…..many of those lost blogs can and will be recreated with a fresh, new 2013 look at them.  So, stay tuned……new blogs coming soon.   And yes, I WILL SAVE THEM!  I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON!

Oh, by the way,  I think Bob was feeling sorry for me……this week he suggested we buy me a new, faster computer, so my blogging would be easier.  (I had been using my little ACER netbook……which, was getting slower and slower and wouldn’t let me download pictures very well.)  Life isn’t all bad!

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Yes, the holiday season is upon us.  Seems to come faster and faster each year, doesn’t it?  This year for us it was especially fast because we spent 23 out of 30 days in November on vacation.  This wasn’t just any vacation (at least for us)….We went to Europe for the first time…..Flew to Rome, spent a few days in Rome, got on a cruise ship for 14 days, visiting Florence, Toulan, France, (well, sort of…I will explain later), Barcelona and Cartegena, Spain, then crossing the Atlantic to Ft Lauderdale.  We then spent Thanksgiving week in Miami.   It was wonderful!  Bob and I were blessed to travel with our dear friends David and George.   Lots of fun, food and memories to last a lifetime.  So, you can understand why the holiday season, came so quickly for us.

Now, I am not complaining, mind you, the vacation “glow” just added to the anticipation for the holidays, ESPECIALLY in Woodstock.  I quickly got the dirty laundry washed and put away and out came the decorations.   My Santa collection is out, tree is up and decorated, wreath is hung, lights are up….WE ARE READY!  All over town, holiday spirit is appearing.

In  a mere 4 days, WASSAIL WEEKEND will be in full swing, starting off with the Vienna Boys Choir concert, Friday night.   Saturday brings SO MANY  events including the fabulous horse and carriage parade and finishing up on Sunday with the Messiah concert.  Whew, so much for just one week-end!

The holiday season doesn’t end with Wassail Week-end, Woodstock is wonderful right through to the New Year.  Come visit us, we have “decked the halls”, so we would love to see you.  Give yourself a special present this year….The Canterbury House and Woodstock, Vermont.  Rest assured…Santa will find you here…..he has visited The Canterbury House many, many times.  Call us, to book your room.

Happy Holidays!

PS  In January, I will post details and pictures of our trip.


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Ghost Story and Woodstock

Yesterday, I had to take our car for servicing at the local dealership,  I grabbed our copy of the weekly newspaper the Vermont Standard so that I would have something to read as I waited for our car.  Our paper comes out once a week on Thursdays, and I have to tell you I look forward every week to read through it, cover to cover.  This week was no different, and the fact that I knew I had at least an hour wait for the car, I couldn’t think of a better time to read the Standard.

This week the paper had a whole page layout on a fact that most “Woodstock locals” and “ghost followers” only know…….The 1981 movie GHOST STORY was filmed right here in Woodstock.   The movie starred Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Melvyn Douglas, John Houseman, and Patricia Neal.  Oh, for the fans of the television series Thirtysomething, Ken Olin  was also in it.  According to the paper this is the 30th Anniversary of Ghost Story.   To commemorate the event the Woodstock History Center will present two showings of the film on Saturday, Oct 29th.  This is the centerpiece of the second annual SPOOKY WOODSTOCK festival, held at the Dana House on Elm Street.

Lots of entertaining and fun facts were highlights of the article…For example, more than 1200 people applied for the 300 folks needed for stand-ins, photo doubles and other extras.  (Remember, Woodstock town and village combined is only about 3200 people!)  The Woodstock Inn had 45 rooms reserved for movie personnel and personalities.  The Masonic Hall (right up the street from the Canterbury House) was reserved and was used as a cafeteria for the film crew.  Woodstock residents were quite excited to see some of the most famous stars of the silver screen strolling our streets.  Although, there was quite a bit of excitement about the film, one thing the citizens of Woodstock DID turn down, was a request to film a scene in the River Street Cemetery.  Many scenes WERE filmed on the Iron Bridge on Elm Street.

On occasion, over the years, the Canterbury House has had a few guests who were REAL fans of this movie and they knew EVERY place in town that was in the movie.  So, although we weren’t here in 1981, we found it neat to say we had a movie with BIG name stars filmed here.  I readily admit, I am not a spooky/horror movie kind of gal……I think I have issues going back to when I was a teenager who babysat for many of our neighbors kids, and it never failed…..THERE WAS ALWAYS A VINCENT PRICE MOVIE ON LATE AT NIGHT!  Nothing like being 15 years old, in a strange house, with The House of Wax on television…..scared me to death!!!

So, if you are a fan of scary movies, you might want to  rent the movie or  Netflix has GHOST STORY to rent or for  streaming.  Halloween IS approaching.  If you have been to Woodstock, see how much of the Village you recognize, or if you haven’t…watch the movie and then come to Woodstock to check out our “movie locations”.  You might also want to check out the Vermont Standard article and pictures  at




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Foliage Season 2011

The 2011 foliage season is winding down.  Colors of the leaves are fading, there is a chill to the air and the sun seems to sink behind the mountains much earlier in the day.

The trees and their leaves appeared to have a stubborn streak this year.  Peak was much later than the norm….we saw brillant color in Woodstock and central Vermont, Sunday of Columbus Day Week-end.  We had a good hard frost the Wednesday night before Columbus Day week-end and by Sunday the colors popped.  After 14 foliage seasons, I find it really cool watching the colors evolve.  I swear it seems like they change right before your eyes!  We did have a bunch of rain early in the season, but the rain gave way to some absolutely spectacular warm and sunny days.

As the season winds down, Bob and I are able to catch our breath and reflect on how blessed we feel to be innkeepers.  Does the busy foliage season mean lots of laundry, grocery shopping, and all the other chores that having a full house for five weeks straight, brings, you betcha!  More importantly, it means 5 weeks of amazing guests from all over the world, pass through our front door.  I know that we might be a tad biased, but it is true….We have THE BEST GUESTS !

This year, 40th wedding anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and even a proposal of marriage, all were celebrated at the Canterbury House.  We had several newly retired school teachers, giddy with excitement to be experiencing a fall vacation…. for the first time.

Some of the countries and states that Canterbury House visitors call home were…United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Italy, to name a few.  In the States, visitors pretty much came from coast to coast.  Interestingly, we saw a real increase of folks from Oregon.  If we check back through the years, very few people have visited us from Oregon, so we were delighted to host your stay.  It is fun for us to track where our guests call home.  It does change from year to year….last year South Carolina and Texas were front runners.

Even though the leaves have lost their color, and are falling to the ground, these remaining weeks of October still have their beauty.  Just because the color is gone, it isn’t to late too plan an autumn get away.  You know you want to hear the crunch of leaves under your feet as you walk from the Canterbury House to Billings Farm, shopping or dinner.  You can walk through them and not have to worry about raking them up!  We are here…give us a call.



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Irene…Rest in Peace!

This is my very last post on that nasty Irene!  It is time to give her the ol’ Viking Funeral.   In the month since her visit, it is nothing short of a miracle, all the progress that has been made.  My head is spinning with all the information we are getting daily.  I will give you some highlights, because there are just so many to list, you would be reading for days.

Here we go……..Simon Pearce Restaurant, Open for lunch  and dinner.  The retail store is open, unfortunately, no glass blowing in Quechee. But… You can go to the factory and watch glass blowing there!  At the Quechee site they have some amazing pictures all around to show what Irene did.  Now, if you are planning to have dinner at Simon Pearce….RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST!  You don’t need a reservation for lunch.

Red Rooster and the Tavern @The Woodstock Inn are opening  Friday, September 30th.

Calvin Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth is open.  Great news because we thought it may not be able to open at all.

Gondola @ Killington is open daily starting Oct 1st to Oct 10th from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  So if you want to ride the gondola into the clouds to see the magnificant foliage, Go for it!

ROADS, ROADS, AND MORE ROADS!  Route 100 is open from Route 4, West Bridgewater ALL THE WAY into Ludlow, Weston,etc.  We were able to travel Route 100 South, down to Manchester.  By this week-end two temporary bridges are scheduled to open and once in use will provide UNINTERUPPTED TRAVEL along Route 100A in Plymouth and Route 100 in Pittsfield.  Opening the bridge in Pittsfield allows you to travel freely along Route 100 between Stockbridge and Killington!  In Bethel Route 12 is scheduled to be open by October 7th.  Whew… many OPENINGS.  There really are too many for me to list them all, but you get the idea.

Here are just a few “fun facts” you might enjoy…..Tropical Storm Irene closed 34 bridges along Vermont’s state highway system. VTrans has reopened 25 of these bridges, while nine remain closed to full public travel.  Of the nine that remain closed to full public travel, seven require temporary bridges and will be reopened by the end of October or sooner!  The opening of Route 100 through Pittsfield this week-end will represent a major milestone because it will allow the free-flow of traffic without detours or major impediments for the entire 135 mile stretch of Rte 100 between Ludlow and Newport just in time for the height of foliage season.

So, NOW you can see why it is time to put Irene to rest…..Vermont still has many homes to rebuild, businesses to reopen, bridges to fix, but healing is happening everyday and we won’t forget that there Still is a lot to do, but we can rejoice in what HAS been accomplished.

Stay tuned for my next post……….Foliage Season has arrived!  We can’t wait to share OUR Woodstock and the rest of Vermont with You!

One last note…..When driving on any of our roads, that still have road crews, please use caution, maybe give them the old thumbs up……The men and women who are putting Vermont roads back together have been working around the clock to give we Vermonters and all the wonderful people who visit here, something pretty special.


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Woodstock, Post Irene Update 9/15/11

Amazing, exciting news…. ROUTE 4 IS OPEN! You can now travel the entire road, from Rutland in the west, through Killington, Bridgewater, Woodstock, all the way east to Interstate 89.    This is a BIG, BIG deal, Route 4 is central Vermont’s busiest east-west route.  The road crews deserve major kudos for their incredible super human efforts to put our state back together.  Everyday we are seeing more and more roads being opened. Big WOW factor!

It is feeling like life is getting back to normal here in Woodstock….On Tuesday evening our Village Trustees (governing body) approved the permit for this year’s WASSAIL EVENTS, December 9-11, 2011.  One more sign that Woodstock is going in forward motion!  Good news.  Oh, did I mention that the Vienna Boys Choir is performing Friday (Dec 9th)  night at the Town Hall Theatre?  When they were here Wassail Weekend  several years ago…it was a FABULOUS EVENING.  We have a few rooms left….have YOU booked yet?  It is a great way to start the holiday season.

Lastly, for those who are curious as to how the folks who lost their homes or had major damage are doing…..FEMA has set up shop in Woodstock.  They have been going door to door, giving info to everyone.  Many of the hardest hit people have had tremendous help with clean-up.  The Woodstock community is working incredibly hard to get people back in their homes.  This Sunday there is going to be a benefit concert at Town Hall, with many local performers AND Joe Perry from Aerosmith.  Throughout the state, there have been amazing fundraisers, like the PHISH concert, VPR has raised tons of money, just to name a few.  Many more events are being scheduled EVERY DAY.

Oh…………almost as exciting as Route 4 opening…………….Major Frost warnings in the forecast…..we know what that means……………..great color should be a comin’ in those leaves.   Next week I will do a drive and post a visual progress report.  Think vibrant color.


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Woodstock Art Festival, 9/10/11. (1st Post Irene Event)

I thought I would share with you our lovely afternoon at the Art Festival.  And yes, I got Bob to buy me lunch!

A Picture is Worth a thousand words.

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Woodstock, Post Irene Update 9/10/11

Progress, progress and more progress….. Well, it is a beautiful early September day, (the air is giving us a little teaser of coolness, that tells us fall is knocking on our door!)  The most significant progress to report is about Roads.  The state has given the following updates…..Route 9 is open.  Route 103 between Rockingham and Rutland is open.  Route 11 between Chester and Manchester is open.  Route 4 between Woodstock and Rutland will be open by next week-end! Now, travel on all of these roads, may be a bit slow at times, and are probably gravel covered, but most important is the fact roads are opening.  It is a big, big deal about Route 4.  This means from Interstate 89 through Woodstock, Bridgewater, and Killington travel can be done on Route 4.  All of the information we are getting from the state and local government is that Vermont will be ready for all leaf-peepers.  So get ready for some great color.

The Art Festival on the Green is happening as I type.  I want to wander down now, but Bob says I have to do my chores first!  I think I will persuade Bob, to buy me lunch, while on the Green.  Today is picture perfect for weddings, in fact, a local couple Kate and Steve, have their wedding guests staying with us this week-end, so we wish them well.  Couldn’t ask for a better day, or better place to tie the knot.  Restaurants, and shops are open in full swing.

So as you can see, things are coming back and humming along.  It looks like this week is going to have to include some Pumpkin, gourds and mum shopping!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end.

Oh, on a lighter note,  yesterday I decided to check my vegetable garden.  I readily admit I hadn’t checked it, since Irene invited herself to Vermont.  Obviously, my squash liked her visit……Check it out.

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Woodstock, Post Irene Update 9/6/11

Happily, quiet news day…..Today Gov. Shumlin visited Woodstock  offering information and support.  Road repairs are “full steam ahead”.  Areas that suffered severe damage have had lots of volunteers assisting with clean-up. Progress everywhere!

Yesterday, Bob took a drive around the area to check on road accessibility and found encouraging progress….In fact, he was quite happy he made it through Bridgewater past the Long Trail Brewery. (He knew better than to stop for lunch without me!)  We are thinking of going for lunch on Friday…Fish & Chips Day!

Mother Nature gave us some more rain, yesterday and today, …I think I can speak for everyone, the rain makes you a wee bit jittery.    We haven’t seen any additional flooding or problems, thankfully.

Final details are being attended to for the Art Show on the Green this week-end.  Looks like the weather is going to cooperate, with sunny skies.  Area schools opened today.  Subtle signs of life returning to “Normal”.

It is nice to be able to tell you that the post Irene updates will be further apart as we heal our wounds.  As the Irene updates drift away, I will replace them with foliage watches….the camera batteries are charged and ready, so stay tuned.

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Woodstock, Post Irene Update 9/4 11

News continously improves… Roads are getting an amazing amount of attention, with non stop repairs.  We strolled through downtown last night (Saturday) and you might have thought nothing had happened here.  Melaza, Bentley’s, Prince & the Pauper, The Daily Grind all were open and folks were dining.  At Melaza and Daily Grind, people were even dining outside.  Oh, I don’t want to forget to mention, Mangowood, west of the village was also open!   Also, the “famous for their apple pies and turkey soup” Mountain Creamery has been serving breakfast & lunch.  It was cute, cause when we went by last night, there was a family of four, sitting on the Creamery’s steps, with HUGE ice cream cones.  I swear the scoops of ice cream were bigger than the two kids eating them!

The biggest news for us is…..CANTERBURY HOUSE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. ..Water is flowing! So come and vist us….We have availability for  the coming week-end.  Check out for yourself how well Woodstock is doing…..There is the big  ART SHOW ON THE GREEN all week-end.  Fabulous artists from Vermont and all over will be here.  You know you have that one annoying spot on the wall that needs some artwork!

There is a nice article on you should check out, click here to read. Forbes.

We were told yesterday, there won’t be any updates until Tuesday, so stayed tuned.  I will pass on info, as soon as I get it.  Enjoy your week-end.  Again, thanks for all of your support and encouragement.

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