The Canterbury House
Bed and Breakfast

The Gardens

Flower Beds  

Spring and Summer
in Vermont

It takes awhile for a Vermont winter to end, when it does... and summer finally arrives, we have some of the most beautiful days in the country.

We love flowers and birds. Our gardens, which are planted with a mixture of annuals, perinnials, and herbs are planted with an eye towards attracting the many varieties of birds and butterflies that thrive in the state.

Sit quietly on the patio and don't be surprised to see a hummingbird come to take it's fill of nector from the many brilliant, trumpeted plants, that surround you.

  Bird House

Listen to the restful sound of the pump that trickles water continuously throughout the day, or watch a Gold Finch, sip from the bird bath.


No matter what time of day, be it early in the morning, or just before retiring in the evening, you will find the gardens a restful place to converse and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings.   Canterbury House Pation
Winter ?    

Well, not that much doing in the yard this time of year. We just use it to store the abundant snow fall we get during the season. Usually 50 -70 inches accumulate from November through April.

Our earliest significant snowfall usually occurs in November, however we have had years where the snow has started to fall during the foliage season. Don't panic, that doesn't happen that often and usually is gone in a day.

But since we are less than a half hour from great downhill skiing, and 10 minutes for Cross Country, there really isn't much reason to use the yard so the snow collecting there won't cause you any bother. Besides..... it's just plain BEAUTIFUL!