Tips When Planning for a Wedding
1. If you have blocked rooms with lodging establishments for you guests, make sure to tell them to advise the innkeeper that they are with your wedding when they call to make a reservation. If they don't, they may be told that there aren't any rooms available.
2. If you have guests staying at multiple establishments it will be helpful to the Inn's and B&B's if they know which other establishments will be having your guests.
3. If you are having parties or gatherings for your guest other than the wedding itself, Make sure to provide the innkeepers with a list of these events, where and when they are being held, and maps on how to get there.
4. As most weddings include some alcohol, it is important that you make provisions for the safe return of your guests to their lodgings after the big event is over. Shuttle buses to the inns or some designated drivers are just a few of the methods one can use.
5. Again, since traffic is always a problem, and parking is usually at a premium for a large affair, it is often a wise decision to establish a central parking area and have shuttles to and from the lot on a regular basis. The out-of-towners will be happy not to have to try and navigate the dark lonely Vermont roads on the way back, and parking problems at the affair will be greatly reduced.
6. It is always a good idea to establish a contact person, who can help out when a guest has a problem. Remember many are from out of town, some may arrive at the last minute and having someone to call with last minute questions will greatly reduce their stress levels and increase their enjoyment. (Today, cell phones allow almost constant contact.)
7. Think about setting up your own "Wedding" Website. Keep your guests up-to-date and place links to the Bed and Breakfast's websites where they can make arrangements for lodgings, as well as restaurants, and local attractions.
8. Many of the Inns/B&B's will be happy to tailor their offerings if your guests are occupying most or all of their rooms. Here are a few items you might want to arrange with your innkeeper.
  Will the innkeeper move the time for breakfast the day after the wedding to accommodate the guests who attend the wedding and get in late?  
  Does the innkeeper have an iron and ironing board for the guests to use?  
  Have you provided the innkeeper with maps and itinerary of the events that are going on for the wedding.  
  If having a separate brunch the morning after the wedding, can you arrange for a late check-out. Remember that this is a busy time of the day for the B&B's so there maybe an additional charge as the rooms will have to be cleaned before the next guests can check-in.  
  If guests are staying extra days, or arriving a day early, ask the innkeeper if they will provide a list of attractions or map out an excursion for your guests.  

These are just a few of the items Sue and I have found that will go a long way towards making your wedding the special, smooth running event that you want it to be. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist in any way we can.

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