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Quechee Gorge State Park

(Picture courtsey of Vt State Parks) - Taken from Route 4
Quechee Gorge, often billed as the Grand Canyon of Vermont, is approximatly 186 ft deep. It resides in Quechee Gorge State Park. The land is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The land on which the park is located was originally owned by the A.G. Dewey Company, which dealt with wool processing. Remains of this mill and dam can still be seen at the head of the gorge. The recreation area for the mill is now the park's campground.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers acquired the park and mill area in 1952 when North Hartland Flood Control Dam was constructed. The reason for the purchase of this area was that when the flood gates in North Hartland are closed, the river can be backed up to a level that would put the mill area and the low section of Club House Road, by Marshland Farms, under ten feet of water. An example of this occurred in April of 1969 when the river was backed up to the spillway of the Dewey Mill Dam. Although the campground was not submerged, parts of the hiking trails were. Pieces of houses and mud can still be seen in the trees as you walk these trails.

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