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Paul Revere Church Bells

Many folk know that there is a "Paul Revere Bell" in Woodstock, what many don't know is that the town is the repository for five (5) bells , coming directly from the Massachusetts foundry that was once owned by Paul Revere. More importantly, Woodstock's five (5) bells makes it the largest collection of these historical artifacts in the world.

For sometime there has been a bit of confusion on the actual number of bells, which is quoted by many as only four (4). The confusion comes from the fact that the last bell at the Unitarian Universalist Church was made by Revere's Company, rather than by Revere or his descendants.

The Company, Revere & Sons, was a prosperous company in Boston, and produced 400 bells in total, 48 of which were actually made during Paul Revere's lifetime.

Four of the five bells in Woodstock are owned by Churches. The earliest bell, dated in 1818, was originally purchased for the tidy sum of $351. It carries the inscription "Revere & Son Boston 1818". While all the bells carry similar inscriptions, the bell in the back of the Woodstock Inn also list's it's weight as well the key it rings in, "G".

The bell residing at the Congregational Church is the only one actually made during Paul Revere's lifetime. We in Woodstock are very proud of our collection of bells, as only 37 of the 48 bells made in Reveres lifetime still exist today, and Woodstock is home to one of them.

If you are interested in the location of the five bells they are located at:



The Congregational Church (oldest - 1818)

On Front Porch


The Woodstock Inn (made for a church in Newburyport Ma. - 1823)

On Pedestal in back of Inn


The Masonic Temple (formally the Christian Church - 1827)



The Universalist Church (1835)



The Episcopal Church (1827)


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