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Breakfast & Lunch - Farm to Table
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Location of the Mountain Creamery in Woodstock Vermont
The Mountain Creamery in Woodstock Vermont

Located at 33 Central Street, in Woodstock, Vermont 05091

802 457-1750

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Less than a ten minute stroll from the Canterbury House Bed and Breakfast


A tasty meal at the Mountain Creamery


Here are just a few of the delicious offerings on their menu:

Roast Beef
Barbecue brisket
Assorted Fruit Pies

Known for their soups and home made "Mile High" Apple Pies, you are sure to come away full and satisfied, looking forward, like many, to your next visit to the Mountain Creamery.

Just a tip.... Finish it off with the Mile High Apple Pie, with Ice Cream of course!


The Mountain Creamery opened on January 11, 1987. The owners have also owned and operated Hinterland Farm in Killington, Vermont since 1998.

The "farm to table" connection, so popular today, has been practiced at the Creamery for many years. And provides the patrons with a dining experience that is Uniquely Vermont.