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Directions from the West

Approx. 45 Minutes (Rutland)
Approx. 2 1/2 Hours (Albany)

1. I87 North/South to Route 149 (Exit 20, Glen Falls)

2. 149 to Fort Ann

3. In Rutland, Continue on Route 4 East to Woodstock (45 mins.)

4. Entering Woodstock from the west you will go around the green and continue down Route 4/Pleasant Street.

5. Aproximately 1/2 mile from the top of the green you will see Mac's Super Market, on the right. Next you will see the Village Inn (on the right), and then Stanton Street. We are right next door to the Village Inn, across Stanton Street. There is a white Picket Fence surrounding our property, and a British and American Flag hang off the front porch. We are directly across Rte 4/Pleasant Street from the Pleasant Street Book Store.

6. Turn right into Stanton Street and then left into our driveway.