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Foliage In Vermont

Some will say that Fall foliage is the prettiest time in Vermont. If that is true then Woodstock is the perfect place to see it.

Centrally located, Woodstock is ideally situated to guarantee that you will see that spectacular color everyone has told you about. It is the perfect spot to stay. Using Woodstock as your home base, you can inter-mix shopping, and sight-seeing, along with the spectacular Foliage Tour by car and in a two or three day visit.

The Canterbury House is the perfect home base for those wishing to squeeze in a two or three day visit to Vermont. Within a one hour drive you can visit some of our finest state and/or Federal parks, (Billings Farm is within walking distance of our house), picturesque Vermont villages (Woodstock has been voted the prettiest town in America), spectacular hiking (Mount Tom and Peg are within walking distance of the house) and offer you beautiful vistas of our town and the surrounding valley. And due to our central location you are almost guaranteed seeing that spectacular color you are looking for almost anytime you come.

Hurry, this period of time usually fills quickly. Sue and I are looking forward to seeing you this fall.

If You Aren't Able To Stay With Us, We're Sorry, But Enjoy The Fall Color Wherever Your Saying!!!