The damaged Taftsville Covered Bridge

Woodstock's Taftsville Covered Bridge After Tropical Storm Irene

Completed in 1836, it's double span is 189 feet long. The bridge sustained MAJOR damage during the August 28th 2011 tropical storm Irene.

While technically still standing at the end of the storm, the stone center support as well as other members were severely damaged by debris as it flowed over the spill way that afternoon.

Much of the damage was caused by some 40 propane storage tanks of different sizes which were washed down from their storage area on the banks of the Ottaquechee River further west in Woodstock, at a local fuel distributor.

Taftsville Covered Bridge after dismantling
due to TS Irene

Within 60 days of the storm the town had contracted to have the southern half of the bridge disassembled,


numbered, cataloged, and stored off site for safe keeping until it could be rebuilt. While some may have considered this a bit paranoid, it was believed that if 2012 had been a bad winter the structure may have incurred further damage or possibly collapse because of ice jamming due to the spring thaw. Better safe than sorry we always say!

The rebuild it now scheduled for 2014 when it will once again provide safe passage from River Road to Route 4 in Taftsville.

The Taftsville Covered Bridge is the third of Woodstock's Covered Bridges an oft photographed by professional and amateur photographers alike. We look forward to 2014 when once again it will be a favorite stop for those taking their scenic drive around Woodstock.


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